Bone Broth/Glace — Cooking Demo with Stuart Perlitz


Perks of making Chicken Broth, lots left to cook!

Lovely roasted bones!

And I didn't forget the garlic!

Stuart Perlitz is an amazing chef, I met him at PrimalCon in Tulum Mexico. 

Stuart says that: “Food is my passion and going Primal has been a wonderful opportunity to take on new culinary challenges. I lived in Boerne from '98-'10 where I had 4 restaurants that ranged from a 50's burger house to French Provençal to Mexican to a coffee shop, bakery, creamery & restaurant.” 

There's been a lot of questions about bone broth, so come on down and Stuart will try to answer them.

Come on and join us, it will be fun! 🙂


Hey guys!  We've decided to move the demo to my place. This will give us more room to eliminate the 20 person cap and invite more people as well as allow me to do a more comprehensive demo. I will demonstrate how to make chicken and brown beef stock, how to pick out the best bones for stock and even some tricks on how to fix your stock if you can't get the best bones. I will demonstrate how to reduce it into a glace to make it more convenient to use and store.  I will also show you how to use the glace to not only make a quick and easy broth, but also make a few great sauces! Starting a stock from scratch can also supply you with extra ingredients to make other dishes such as oxtail soup and pan seared chicken in a rich sage or tarragon sauce.  Come hungry a bring along any questions you've had about the “next big thing” in the Paleo community.


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