Big Primal – Wing Night

I recently started a Youtube short cooking show called Big Primal. We create primal meals of mammoth proportions using only the finest local, organic, and unprocessed ingredients. The idea is to promote a whole foods primal diet while having a lot of fun and showing just how amazing paleo can be if you wanted it to be (say during a celebration or holiday maybe). On Friday the 28th I am filming the third episode, Wing Night. It will be cooked, eaten and filmed at my house in Newmarket. I would love to promote the Tor-Paleo group on as a guest appearance and I invite as many of you up who would like to make the trip to my place to join in on the FEASTivities. We will be making a variety of very uniquely flavored chicken wings, in massive quantities. All recipes are my own and all food is organic and traditionally raised. Please be advised that anyone who come's may or may not be seen in footage on Youtube and you have to be okay with that. Also, I would kindly like to ask for a $10 contribution for coming, as these meals usually run me $100+ and that's without having all of you over. So as to make sure we have enough food for everyone and that I don't go bankrupt, I have to ask for it. You can watch my work so far here, as to know what to expect:

Hopefully some of you can make it! Let me know if there's anything I can do to accommodate, such as adjusting the time of the event.

-Jon Randles

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