Beyond Bacon Recipe Potluck Party

All, Matt and I believe we'll be done with all of the recipes in Beyond Bacon by the first week in February. Yipee!

We'll then be reaching out to friends to test some of them and let us know what they think as well as review the recipe content to make sure no instruction steps are missing, etc. We did this with Eat Like a Dinosaur and it was invaluable feedback!

If you are interested in taste testing and providing feedback for Beyond Bacon, please reply yes to this invite. We'll be using the accepted list for communication to share the Table of Contents for you to choose from, etc.

We'll also ask that each person send back a non-disclosure statement that simply says “I understand Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry will send me private and confidential material, which I shall not disclose publicly or with the intent to impede on their marketing strategy and copyright rights.” Send to [masked] Sorry… even Willy Wonka had rules!

Then, you'll have a few weeks to test as many recipes as you'd like. Keeping in mind that we will be counting on you to actually do so and provide feedback.

Lastly, to thank you and celebrate our completion of the book – we propose a party – of course! This time, we'll provide the booze and you bring the food!

What we propose is that those who are local then bring one or more of the dishes they tested to a potluck party at our place. Then you can benefit by tasting a whole bunch of other dishes friends have made. And we can also see if dishes came out the same for you as they did for us.

It would REALLY help us out AND would be tons of fun… we hope. I mean, we'll have a TON of pork & lard dishes. So it will obviously be the best tasting potluck, EVER.

Please RSVP to this and let us know if (1) you'd like to review recipes and (2) you'd like to attend a Beyond Bacon potluck. Then e-mail us your disclosure statement and we'll be in touch in a few weeks 🙂

We're really looking forward to sharing our 5th baby with you all!

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