Betty Grokker’s Basic Primal Cooking

Hi Everyone, it's Nate!

First of all, sorry about the name. It's awful 😛

Cost: $6 per person. And come hungry, because you will be eating well.

I may need help with: Finding a space with a big enough kitchen. OR, I do have access to a kitchen where we could have a class of up to 5.

The Menu:
Crispy Roast Chicken, Mashed Garnet Yams, and Bistro Salad w/ Sherry-Shallot Vinaigrette.

Description: Cooking fast and affordable Paleo/Primal meals is much easier than you think. Many of the great culinary traditions around the world contain scores of classic dishes that are already or just about Paleo. Using these timeless French, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese dishes as a base, you can acquire the skill and knowhow to confidently cook without constraining recipes or geographic boundaries.

I do most of my cooking at the market. Much in the same way great wines are made in the vineyard, great meals are made at the market. As a cook, you endeavor to step out of the way and let the ingredients speak.

I buy what's fresh and cheap, on sale and in bulk, and it allows me to save thousands of dollars every year compared to recipe-driven shopping, or, heavens forbid, frequently going out to restaurants.

It's not just budding Paleosos and Primalistas that can benefit this approach, but everyone. For a fraction of the price, you too can make food just as delicious as what's available at your local farm-to-table bistro – maybe even better – and I will help you get there.

About Nate:
I've been 80/20 Paleo for just over 2 years. Having gotten sick of being fat (pastaholic!), then too skinny (Japanese diet and too much capoeira), and then funny skinny fat (lifting weights and CW bodybuilding diet), I was introduced to Paleo during my brief foray into Crossfit.

While I was unsuccessfully recovering from my almost daily WODs, I read Robb Wolf's The Paleo Solution and Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint and it completely changed my life. I stopped Crossfitting after a couple of months, but I kept eating Paleo. During this time I doubled or tripled almost all of my lifts and healed my nagging knee and back pain. As a bonus, my hair got curly. Talk about epigenetics!

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