BBQ/Potluck, and Sara Eye on the Metaphysics of Health

Let's meet up at Sara's house in South Austin, and have a potluck/BBQ. Feel free to bring stuff to cook on the BBQ, and also things to share at the potluck.

Sara will also do a talk on the metaphysics of health, followed by a Q&A session.

The word “metaphysics” derives from the Greek words metá (“beyond”, “upon” or “after”) and physiká ( “physics”). It's aim is to study the nature of being. Being is split into categories: a physical object, the mind, classes of beings (humans, animals, plants etc and the classes of each), properties, relationships, space and time, events, and meaning (snow is white because ___). Understanding a bit about metaphysics helps to correlate our physical selves, and the state we are in, to a deeper integrative knowledge of being. For example; every human has 11 systems of the body. These would be considered 11 classes of the body: integumentary (hair, skin, nails), skeletal, muscular, respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular (circulation, lymphatic), endocrine, excretory, reproductive, digestive and immune. Metaphysics is like the 12th system, tying them all together. Creating relationships between each system of the body, cause and affect, properties and meaning, etc. When I apply metaphysics to working with clients, I take a high level approach to studying their state of health, fitness, and postural alignment by scoring each system of the body. I then create maps and relationships from the physical body to the metaphysical body. For instance, if a person has chronic fatigue and shows a significant decrease in testosterone, metaphysics is the philosophical process that helps to determine which came first. Did the fatigue cause a decrease in testosterone by making the person inactive? Or did the decrease in testosterone manifest the chronic fatigue over time? And once you figure out which came first, chicken or the egg, through a series of questions, you then have the cause creating the symptom. And when you find the cause, you can actually do real work! To be clear, there are no shortcuts in applying metaphysics to the physical body and it's needs. This process is a holistic one in nature, and to get to the root cause(s) there are many layers to peel back. The practice of doing this is both painful and liberating. I will give pointers on how to become your own metaphysical detective on a beginner level.


Sara Eye is a CHEK certified exercise coach, holistic nutritionist, and spiritual counselor in whole body integrative wellness with over a decade of experience in research and clinical application. She holds advanced certifications through the International Sports Science Association, Penn Foster and the CHEK Institute, having completed custom design courses in sport-specific conditioning, fitness and structural assessments, scientific core conditioning, back training and program design for individual body composition and strength training. She uses her knowledge of body mechanics to integrate a unique style of coaching that is rarely found under one umbrella.

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