BBQ and Sharing our Journeys. (Suggestions Welcome for the Final BBQ Location)

• What we'll do
What is more Paleo (and Austin) than Meat on the Bone and BBQ in general? Let's do a MeetUp at an Austin BBQ joint. I listed Terry Black's because that is central. But leave a comment if you've another place. There are probably lots of places I don't know about but would love to try. Ideally we can gather around seating as a group. I will confirm the BBQ place at least a week ahead of the event.

During the BBQ, on a voluntary basis, I want to give everyone time to introduce themselves and share their Paleo journey. Where they are, where they've been, where they want to go. Questions they may have, anything health and lifestyle and Paleo Living they'd like to talk about. Sharing information and learning from one another is an essential part of Paleo.

Kids are welcome and no limit on who you can bring. Please RSVP, if you can, by February 19th or so, so I can get a sense of how many are coming coordinate seating options with wherever BBQ we choose.

• What to bring

• Important to know

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