Barefoot Soccer!

Doesn't that sound awesome? I would love to play some (friendly and non/competitive) soccer barefoot, but only if everyone else is also barefoot or in minimalist shoes. Barefoot soccer is only scary if other people are wearing cleats.

All the best soccer players in the world grew up playing soccer barefoot!

Example of an athlete who played soccer in shoes for the first time at 14:

“The occasion was a school tournament in his hometown of Criciuma, and the shoes were borrowed.

The Salsa midfielder remembers feeling as awkward as a guy at a beach party in a three-piece suit. …

“It felt like I had 100 pounds on each foot,” Paulinho said through a translator. “And the other goal looked miles away.”

Paulinho, whose real name is Paulo Roberto Rocha, had trouble keeping his balance that day. His feet seemed to drag. Many of his passes were off-mark. He didn't come close to scoring.

“I felt terrible,” he said.

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