Attend the first ever Paleof(x) Street Festival, Free! All Ages.

Paleof(x) is running the first ever free Street Festival at the annual Paleof(x) event. This is a great opportunity to share with people who want to get healthy and learn more about ancestral approaches but not yet ready to purchase an Expo ticket. So please share widely with friends and family.

Invite your friends and family in the Austin area to the Palmer Center for the first ever Paleof(x) Street Festival! Free to the public!

Many of the Paleof(x) vendors will be hanging out, ready to introduce new people to the world of Paleo. There will be live music on the Enviromedica Paleo On Ramp Stage, DJ Holden It Down will be at the Natural Movement Floor, and we will have  a variety of fun, lively entertainment and we've got a few surprises!

Fun for the whole family!

What a great opportunity to relax, laugh, share and enjoy each other after a day filled with learning and trying to ‘fit everything in'. Either as an attendee, volunteer, or both, ‘FX days' are great but hectic. I know even before I volunteered I didn't want to miss anything, so I was going here, there, everywhere.

So this will be a fantastic event to slow down, play, and enjoy with your family and friends.

More info here:

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