Attend the Balanced Bites Workshop with Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe



To let you know, Diane Sanfilippo (of and Liz Wolfe (of will be hosting one of their Balanced Bites Practical Paleo workshop in DC on March 9th.

Stacy will totally be attending, again! First going to this seminar years ago made a significant improvement on my health. Even to those who have been doing it for years, this seminar is awesome. I know for me, being around smart experts in the field as well as just surrounding yourself with like-minded people can be extremely helpful and rewarding.

Not to mention, bring a copy (or buy one) of NYT Bestselling Practical Paleo and get it signed by Diane!

I'm pretty sure we've talked the Food Lovers into coming too – so there may be a double book signing offered as part of an after-party of sorts. Still figuring that all out with Bill, Hayley, Liz & Diane. Will update this event if and when more information surfaces.

Regardless, I just wanted to share the opportunity and let you know while there's still an “early bird” discount. Find out more and register here:

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