Attend Mammalian Omegas – Omega 3 Sources and Their Differences

Emerging Science of Mammalian Omega-3
Saturday November 30,[masked]:00 am to 11:00 pm

Who should attend? Anyone interested in learning the benefits of omegas, wishing to understand why mammalian omegas are more effectively absorbed, who should be taking omegas, what effects occur in field research (see below), the current research out of the University of Toronto as it supports nerve function (cutting edge research) and more.

Featuring a presentation by:

Director, Auum Canada: Cheryl Millett BSc NNCP CCIr 

Are you looking for a better understanding of Omega-3s? Yes there is plant, yes there is fish but there is also mammalian.

Omega-3s or the balance of Omegas play a vital role in our health. Come out to learn why and the latest research on Omega-3s.

Complimentary education session…bring your water and snack and make yourself comfortable.

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Article Link: Discovery Omega 3 Magic: A Health Journey: From Trend to Wisdom

by Lily Lanczi, Editor and Writer

Excerpt from: A New Science to include Personal Experience –
Anecdotal Evidence May Unsheathe True Miracles

“The scientific method – despite its apparent objectivity – is limited because it can never take into account all the possible variables associated with its hypotheses and because it is contrived.  Anecdotes – admittedly subjective because they are based on our personal perceptions and misconceptions – are nevertheless real happenings.

Somewhere between anecdotes and scientifically derived results, we may get closer to the truth.”  Click here for the complete article.

These are the observations that our users are telling us about:

·  Promotes clarity of mind

·  Better memory

·  Helps with mood and depression

·  Improved academic marks

·  Better problem-solving skills

·  Ability to multitask

·  Pain reduction

·  Better sleep

·  Remembering dreams

·  Improved physical performance and recovery rate

·  Increased energy

·  Youthfulness

·  Better skin

·  Helps with inflammation

·  Helps with learning disabilities and processing issues

·  Calmer

·  Better dental checkups and less to no bleeding of the gums

·  Headaches disappear with hormonal balancing

·  Better moods

·  Increased hair growth

·  Better focus

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