Arrive at 4:30 pm, on Skype at 5:00 pm, with Dr. Rivkah Roth DNM

Please forward this to your friends:

We are masters of our own destiny.  The older we are the more knowledgable that makes us. We sit at a table to learn from each other. We sit as equals. We learn from everyone.

On this evening we sit at a table with a Doctor of Natural Medicine. She is open to ancestral health discussions. This evening we will talk about celiac disease. Join us.

Who's interested in a potluck and skype roundtable:Doctor of Natural Medicine Dr. Rivkah Roth DNM, D.Ac., D TCM, a  professor, lecturer and author at one end, and a potluck with friends at the other end, in Ajax. We will hook up a big screen T.V at our end.

 A potluck on one end will allow for continued discussion after the discussion with the doctor.
I have been in touch with this fabulous lady. She has been grain free for the past 20 years. She is open to the idea of a meetup with our group.

The evening's theme is one many people are visiting: Celiac Disease
 It is one of her specialties, along with diabetes which is also directly influenced by these symptoms.

Are you or your friends suffering from a leaky gut syndrome, from various immune system reactions, bone loss, multiple sclerosis? There are over 300 symptoms of celiac disease. Invite your friends who suffer from these symptoms. Listen to this video, and then call your friends to this meetup. . It's free!!!


 Will you and members of your family come to this event, to have questions answered?

_Why your tests are not showing that you may have celiac disease:


****The date: September 15th. Discussion begins at 5:00!!

 ****The venue: At Cindi's house. Those that RSVP will get the address.

This activity is being held in Ajax.


 It is a great way to finally meet a doctor who understands nutrition.

 Meet & greet or potluck in Ajax (still to be decided).

Please let me and/or Cindi know of your interest. We will be accepting a group of no more then 30 people.

Thank you,


 Voluntary contributions towards this group's operation are always appreciated.

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