Ancestral Health Symposium 2012

Ancestral Health Symposium is the #1 paleo conference in the US with the biggest minds giving amazing presentations!

My husband and I both attended last year in UCLA, and it was an incredible experience!

This year it's in Cambridge. 🙂

This is a MUST attend event for every paleo in the Boston area.

Watch some amazing presentations on the latest breakthrough and best advice when it comes to paleo living.  Also, hang out with top bloggers and names in the paleo world.

Early registration for members begins March 1st at noon and ends March 2 at 11:45AM. Registration opens to the public March 2nd at noon and continues until capacity is reached.

Last year at UCLA it was sold out!

You must register through Eventbrite!

Registration Dates

March 1st: Registration for members begins at noon. Currently, those who purchased tickets for AHS2011 are considered members. At the email address we have on file from your ticket purchase last year, a registration link will be emailed to you. March 2nd: Registration for the general public begins at noon. Registration links will be posted here and on our facebook page. Schedule of Events
All events take place at Harvard Law School's Wasserstein Hall (WCC/Wasserstein Casperson Clinical) unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, August 8

6:00p-7:30p Badge Pick-Up (hotel)

Thursday, August 9

07:05p till (…) 
08:00p-11:00p Badge Pick-Up (hotel)
Badge Pick-Up  
AHS 2012 
On your own
Presenter's Dinner

Friday, August 10

06:00p till (…) Conference Check-In  
AHS 2012 
Catered Lunch 
AHS 2012  
Meet the Authors 
On your own

Saturday, August 11

07:00p till (…) AHS 2012
Catered Lunch 
AHS 2012
Barefoot Banquet (hotel)


The following speakers, panelists, poster presentors and moderators are confirmed as of February 29, 2012 unless noted.  Program will be posted by March 4, 2012.

Ayala Armida 
Peter Attia 
Peter  Ballerstedt
Pedro Bastos
Miki Ben-Dor
Emily Deans
John Durant
Georgia Eade
S. Boyd Eaton
Andreas Eenfeldt
Richard Feinman  
Frank Forencich
Lynda Frassetto
Daria Galindo
Nora Gedgaudas
Meghan Gillette
Peter Gray
Stephan Guyenet
David Herring 
Adele Hite
Paul Jaminet
Anna Kelles

Ned Knock
Chris Kresser
Jack Kruse
Remko Kuipers
Mathieu Lalonde
Emily Broad Leib
Dirk Lemke
Staffan Lindeberg 
Baylen Linnekin
Robert Lustig  
Elisa Maldonado
Chris Masterjohn
Shilpi Bhadra Mehta
Denise Minger
Margaret Sova McCabe
Matthew Metzgar
Richard Nikoley
Keith Norris
Daniel Pardi
David Pendergrass  
Jennifer Pomeranz

Brent Pottenger
Alyssa Rhoden
Ron Rosedale
Jamie Scott
Thomas Seyfried
Catherine Shanahan
Mark Sisson
J. Stanton
Hamilton Stapell
Lucas Tafur
Gary Taubes
Elizabeth Thiele
Maelán Fontes
Terry Wahls
John Welbourn
Grayson Wheatley
David Sloan Wilson 
Robb Wolf  
Judith Wylie-Rosett

Registration Fees

$249 for regular conference registration tickets $179 for a limited number of student registration tickets are available for full-time students providing Proof of Enrollment from the Office of the Registrar of their school. Conference registration includes: 3-day conference attendance, lunch on Friday and Saturday, special group rates at The Charles Hotel in Cambridge and access to CrowdVine. Banquet
The main social event of AHS 2012, the Barefoot Banquet, will be held on Saturday, August 11 at the Charles Hotel. The cost of $55 includes dinner, tax and gratuity. Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase.

General Inquiries Will talks be video recorded and archived online?
Yes, if the presenters permit, the talks will be posted online after the event.

How do I become a member of the Ancestral Health Society?
All attendees of AHS11 are members of the Ancestral Health Society. Details about future memberships are coming soon. 

What's the address where AHS2012 is being held?
AHS2012 will take place at Harvard Law School's Wasserstein Hall the corner of Massachusetts Avenue (locally, “Mass Ave”) and Everett Street. The complex known as “WCC” is comprised of Wasserstein Hall, the Casperson Student Center and the Clinical Wing.   


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