Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand, International Symposium Queenstown

The Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand, a non-profit organisation, is holding its first international symposium.

This is not to be missed, if you want to listen to top international speakers on all aspects of ancestral diet and lifestyle science – book this date now and buy a ticket while there are still early-bird prices. I will be held in a truly spectacular venue in Queenstown on the 23rd – 25th October 2015 (Labour weekend).

This symposium will bring together nearly 30 speakers from across New Zealand, Australia and North America to discuss, debate and share knowledge on some of the issues we face as a community pertaining to individual health and the health of our environment from an evolutionary perspective.

Many of our speakers are world leaders in their respective fields and will aim to communicate, educate, and challenge the status quo on a variety of topics that include climate change, sustainability, mental health, active transport, Maori ecology, sleep, microbiome, nutrition, food policy, healthy movement, evolutionary psychology and reproductive health. For more information on speakers and topics please see

Some of the speakers that you may be familiar with include: Psychiatrist Dr Emily Deans who writes the blog Evolutionary Psychiatry and is a regular writer for Phycology today. Professor David Raubenheimer who defined the ‘protein leverage hypothesis’ which he has tested; this reveals that humans and other animals tend to keep eating until a certain amount of protein is consumed in a day, so protein intake is critical for appetite control. Dr Kirk Parsley, a world-wide expert on sleep. Dallas Hartwig, founder of Whole9 and co-author of “It Starts with Food” and “The Whole 30” – in my opinion one the most sound 30 day paleo challenge programmes in the world. Steph Gaudreau, from ‘Stupid Easy Paleo’ an expert in diets for paleo athletes, especially female athletes, will be talking about strength training for women.

This is just a taste – have a look at the speaker line-up – you will be impressed!

Not only is there an incredible line-up of international speakers, just about everyone who is a leader in the paleo and ancestral health community in New Zealand will be there either speaking, or part of the audience, so this is a fantastic opportunity to meet and network with others in this community.

Tickets to this three day symposium are limited to 200 seats and an early registration fee of $350 applies until 31st July 2015. A limited number of discounted student registrations ($250) are also available with further information available at

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