An Audience with Ken Sikaris and Simon Thornley

We are very lucky thatKen Sikaris and Simon Thornley will give a free talk to the MPM group on Saturday 20th April!

Ken and Simon will be covering hot topics such as what is ‘good / bad' cholestrol and what are the real risk factors for heart disease.

Dr Ken Sikaris is Head of Chemical Pathology at Melbourne Pathology. He is a Senior Fellow of St Vincent’s Clinical School and a Clinical Associate in Biochemistry at the University of Melbourne. Ken has particular interests in diabetes, PSA testing, lipid testing and interpretation as well as quality assurance. Part of his work involves discussing the significance of pathology tests with doctors. He has presented extensively at national and international symposiums.

Dr Simon Thornley is a Public Health Physician, professional teaching fellow and researcher in the section of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Auckland. He has published a book: “Sickly Sweet: Sugar, Refined Carbohydrate, Addiction and Global Obesity“. He is published widely in the scientific literature. His research interests include tobacco dependence, food addiction and obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, psychiatric disease, injury and environmental epidemiology. He is currently working on a PhD on epidemiological approaches to cardiovascular disease risk.

This is a free event but places are limited so RSVP as soon as you can!

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