After Work Paleo Dinner in Sydney

I've booked the Shinara Grill, which is a Korean bbq, with bbq's in the middle of the tables! It looks like they have loads of different types of meat on offer, so hopefully we'll be well catered for.

I've not been myself, but the reviews seem to be ok. Also it's a great location in the city, so should be easy for everyone to get to.

I've booked for 26 people at 7pm – and we should be ok with a few extra. But if you can't make it, please update your RSVP ASAP!

If anyone is interested in meeting before I would suggest 3 Wise Monkeys on George Street, just down Liverpool Street from the restaurant. If you are keen to meet up in the pub before, drop a note on here!

We can go to a neighbouring bar after if anyone is keen.

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