A Primal Cravings breakfast you don’t want to miss


All about the Primal Cravings breakfast you don’t want to miss

 June 28th. Put it on your calendar now!

There’s a great day in store for you all. I’m excited to announce that on Saturday, June 28th during the All Day Breakfast from 9 till 2, Primal Cravings will have special guests for you to chat with.

As you know Paleo foods are close and dear to my heart. Eating Paleo is a cut above much of what is available out there.  Primal Cravings Take Out is the only one of its kind in Canada at this time. It’s based on sound nutrient dense foods served throughout the week.

 I have the great honor of having these special quests at your  Primal Craving breakfast:

  Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD, author of two books, Digestive Heath with Real Food, and an anti-inflammatory cookbook with nutrient dense food recipes.  

Aglaee will be answering questions regarding her services, and selling and signing copies of her books. Its a great chance for you to know one of Canada’ great thinkers and movers in digestive health.   http://radicatamedicine.com/

Darren Wong and Mark Yan, owners of Nature’s Palate, a company with a mission to provide you with the most delicious, all-natural condiments to compliment your every meal. Darren and Mark will have samples of three condiments for you to taste and buy.

 In their spare time you will find  Darren and Mark doing extreme competitions and Crossfit.  http://naturespalate.ca/

Glenn Lalonde  founder of Paleo Toronto . He is an ancestral health advocate, as well as a food coach.

 Paleo Toronto brings people new to the Paleo lifestyle and seasoned veterans together, building a vibrant Greater Toronto Area community. Paleo Toronto has a web page, monthly meetups, and various social media discussion groups. Education is the primary focus of Paleo Toronto.  http://Paleotoronto.org/

 I would like to thank Glenn Lalonde of Paleo Toronto for organizing this event.

See you there,

Sandie Kay, owner of Primal Cravings Take Out


A researcher, or more precisely a McMaster post-graduate student doing her dissertation ( doctorate research) will be there to ask YOU  some questions from 12 noon till 2 pm.

So please be there.

Amanda Peters' is the Research Investigator. Amanda's dissertation is ‘AStudy of Paleo Living and the Ancestral Health Approach.”

Isn't this exciting – Our own[masked] Canadian Paleo research project!!!!

“More specifically I aim to engage supporters of the Paleo approach to food and eating and more specifically the Ancestral Health perspective, in a study about novel, alternative health approaches. I am interested in the origins of the perspective; how it has changed over time; what you think about it; what activities you do that you consider part of paleo living in a modern world; and how it is integrated into your life in general.”

“My research is qualitative, meaning that I am interested in learning about people's thoughts and activites, seeing their voice as a valuable source of information about the social world. I am doing this research in completion of my doctoral thesis. I look forward to hearing about your experiences and perspectives on the ancestral health approach.”

Amanda has a BA in Psychology and Sociology, and a MA in Soiciology from the University of Guelph. To contact Amanda: [masked]

The results of the study will be available in 2015. Show your interest and ask to be on her list for a copy.

This study has been reviewed and cleared by the McMaster Research Ethics Board.

Please remember that Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD, and author of two books will be there for a book signing and to answer questions, as will Darren Wong and Mark Yan, owners of Nature’s Palate who will have samples of their condiments, and myself Glenn Lalonde Founder of Paleo Toronto. Please don't forget to thank Sandie Kay for preparing the great paleo breakfast!

Thank you for attending this Paleo community event.

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