5pm Paleo dinner, Sunday, Sept 4th, Cupertino

Sign up now and save $10 … this reduced price is only available until 10pm Monday, Aug 29th. 

After that time the  price will go to: $50 per person, $45 each for two or more people. Reserve your seat at the table now.

Click here to pay for two people, $80 (save $10).

Click here to pay for one person, $40 (save $10).


This Dialog Dinner will be with Steve Fowkes at the head of the table. He will lead us in a discussion of health of the body, mind and spirit, within the context of a paleo lifestyle.

“How our health derives from what we eat, drink, breathe…

…and think, feel, behave and believe”


Sunday evening, September 4th, from 5pm to 8pm (Labor Day weekend). You are welcome to hang out with us afterward to watch the backyard lights come into full bloom as the sun goes down. (Bring warm clothing.)

Click here to learn more about Joni's ‘Dialog Dinners'.


The location:

This dinner will be in the backyard of a private home in Cupertino. Will have some sun exposure, may cool down towards the end of the dinner, bring appropriate clothing.

The meal:

Therapeutic Chef Joni is known for going “outside the box” – both literally and figuratively. She will create and share an incredible 5-course paleolithic meal.

Adventure at the table: You are in for a paleolithic culinary adventure in flavors and textures, and will learn a few cooking tricks, and gain insight into ways of thinking outside-the-box.

Amuse Bouche: TBA  (a one- or two-bite hors d'oeurve, offered to guests when they arrive to stimulate the appetite, digestion, this is an introduction to the forthcoming meal) Appetizer: TBA Soup: TBA Main Course: TBA Dessert: TBA   (See special needs, below. Vegetarian and vegan options are available on request.)


Home-brewed sun tea. Filtered water w/selenium. BYOW/B: If you are a wine or beer connoisseur feel free to bring your own bottle (share, if you like). Steve will provide free samples of his Alcohol Detox pills, a formula he designed for Nutrition Dynamics to abate hangover-like affects. Reservations:
ALERT: Reduced fee offered until 10pm, Monday, Aug 29, after that time the  price will go to: $50 per person, $90 for two people.

To reserve your place at the table you can pay one of four ways.

Four ways to pay:

1. Click on the MeetUp RSVP button to pay through PayPal. ($40/person)

2. To pay for multiple people, send Joni a payment ($40/person) through your PayPal account, by using this email address: jonisare[at]gmail[dot]com.

3. Click on one of these links to pay through PayPal with a credit card or bank transaction, no need for a PayPal account:

Click here to pay for two people, $80 (save $10).

</a> <a href=”https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=SKZ3DH9ZNBGPL” target=”_blank”>Click here to pay for one person, $40 (save $10).

4. Send a check to Joni (contact Joni for the address: jonisare[at]gmail[dot]com or[masked]).

Special needs:

Dietary: When you register through PayPal, be sure to mention -in the NOTE field- any special dietary needs, if you and/or your guests are avoiding certain foods at this time, and/or there are any foods that you have a major dislike in taste or aroma.

Parking: Contact Joni if you require easy access, parking is available in the driveway on a reserved basis.

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