3rd Annual Paleo Thanksgiving Potluck!

It is that time again for our delicious Paleo Thanksgiving Potluck Meet-up!  Gil is hosting the potluck at his place this year!


This will happen on Sunday after Thanksgiving, so as to not interrupt your family plans, but give you a chance to eat with people who “get it”.


And!  If you are new to Paleo, and are interested in checking things out, this is a great way to go.  Or, if you'd like to introduce your friends or family to what Paleo food is like, it is also an option.  These gatherings have always been quite a bit of fun in the past two years.


Of note!  Please be prepared with a list of ingredients, and try to avoid using dairy when possible.  Not all members do dairy, after all. Also, try (not required) to keep it Thanksgiving / Holiday themed! Thanks!


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