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Ken Malmstrom and Stefanie Herron are remarkable physical trainers and Paleo diet advisors who eat, work, work out and live the primal blueprint way of life in every regard, all the way to Stef's elementary school kids doing play-based exercise. My wife and I were introduced to them through Glenn Lalonde a number of months ago and it has been a very rewarding connection for us, with even my 11-year-old son getting in on the act.

Ken has over 20 years experience as a professional fitness trainer who works in very innovative ways with natural, full-body exercises on home crafted materials to develop strength, cardio power, balance, flexibility, coordination, the whole nine yards. His partner Stef, who works with my wife, is equally grounded in these fitness approaches and has been a great Paleo nutrition and diet consultant to me.

Let's get together, let Ken and Stef present some ideas, show us some movements and take our questions on anything Paleo. Then, we'll do a potluck feast. I'm planning a Turkish main course of vegetables stuffed with ground lamb to which I'll add a big vegetable-spiral salad — and we'll see what everyone else wants to bring.

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