3-class series on Raw Indian Cuisine w/Briksha, in Cupertino

Indian Live Food Prep,
Three-Class Series I

-With Briksha

10/16, 11/6 and 11/13; 2 – 5pm

These classes will be taught the Briksha way…… lovingly, mindfully and compassionately.

His mission is to aid in “reconnecting our Bodies and the Body of Universe so that in turn our Bodies and the Body of Universe will bless us with peace, and wisdom.”

What: 3 classes on Raw Indian Cuisine

Where: Joni's kitchen in Cupertino, i-280 and Foothill

When: Saturdays, 2 – 5pm, October 16, November 6 and 13

Pay before 9/21: $70 for one class, or $180 for all three classes.
Pay after 9/21: $80 for one class, or $190 for the series.

Pre-registration with payment is required. Pay through PayPal… or….

… to register with sending a check, or with questions, please contact Briksha at:
[masked], 415.503.7802.

Visit him on the web at:
or at:

See below for an advance taste!

Class I. Saturday, October 16th, 2 – 5pm

*Use and benefits of Indian spices-make your own curry powder and chai mixes

Menu includes:

*Mung beans and fenugreek sprout salad

*Different uses of Curry Powder in making curry dressing, curried seeds and nuts, etc.

*Sabji Paraotha- Veggie Stuffed Indian Bread

*Masala Alu-Gobi (spicy-mock potatoes and cauliflower)

*Indian Dessert -Rabri sauce with Sesame cookies -and mango (optional)

Class II. Saturday, November 6th, 2 – 5pm

Menu includes:

*Dairy free yogurt and its varieties of Indian uses (sauces, soup, dressing etc)

*Lassie-Plain-sweet, sour and with fruits (banana, papaya and mango)

*Raita soup and salad

*Curried cheese (made from different nuts and seeds)

*Palak paneer-create Palak pakoda (Spinach cheese-ball) and Palak Chapati(spinach-cheese bread)

*Different varieties of Curries (sauces and dip) such as tomato-curry and Alu-curry

*Indian Dessert (Optional)

Class III. Saturday, November 13th, 2 – 5pm

Menu includes:

*Varieties of chutney and Achar (pickle)

*Indian Burrito (made from Indian chapatti like bread and stuffed with cauliflower pate)
w/ coriander chutney and malai (Macadamia Cream)

*Dal –Mock lentil soup (made from green beans, avocado/tahini)

*Indian Spicy cracker

*Indian Dessert –Briksha`s famous hemp ice-cream(optional)


Bio and Contact info

Watch for Series II, offered in San Francisco, in Nov/Dec and later in Cupertino 😉

Briksha Aka Mahendra
Certified Integral Coach

Certified Breathwork Practitioner

Yoga Instructor
(Vivekananda Yoga Research Center- http://www.vyasa.org…)

Raw Vegan Chef


Briksha aka Mahendra:
combines Integral Insights, Hindu Yogic practices, and Buddhist wisdom in his teaching. Currently He is learning Ayurveda under the guidance of Michael Reid Kreuzer, D. Ayur, Ph.D. ( Medicine Buddha Healing Center). Briksha’s main focus is on Yoga of Conscious Breathing and Eating (Spiritual Nutrition). By using various tools and techniques of Integral Yoga and coaching, he creates a powerful environment to explore the journey of this mysterious Human Body, finding everything there, as it is said in an Asian proverb: ‘What you can’t find in your Body, you will not find anywhere.’ Briksha’s main mission in sharing his skills, experience, and training, is to aid in reconnecting with our Bodies and the Body of Universe so that in turn our Bodies and the Body of Universe will bless us with peace, and wisdom. Briksha invites us to pray and practice together to awake in our true nature, bringing more love, light, and wisdom to the World.

He is the founder of “Rays-rawfood and yoga support circle” in SF, a group to support our journey of health and healing.

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