2-Hour Paleo Potluck with Dr. Mel from MindAliveNow

A talk on Human Brain Evolution & a Potluck

* Please list in the comments when you RSVP what you think you might bring to gnosh, and bring a label for your food stuff so that people can decide if it's Paleo poison or Paleo perfection.

This discussion will share why human brains so unique, factors that are critical to its evolution, and how can we improve brain health in modernity. We will review three models for brain health including state of mind, neurosensory integration, and metabolic support to optimize brain performance. Also presented will be key terminology about how to relate to your brain, understand the stress that impact your brain, and how to best improve memory, anxiety, and sleep



For over 30 years Dr. Mel has coached athletes, CEOs, working moms, and older adults on health and wellness strategies. He helps clients create a pathway back to sleep, an integrated flow state, and improve brain metabolism; working one on one with his clients and personalizing the process. Dr. Mel studied at the University of Pennsylvania and received his M.S. and Ph.D. in human biology at University of Texas.

For a private consultation of a custom plan of action please contact Dr. Mel – email: [masked] or call:[masked].

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