Arthritis and the Paleo Diet

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Unlike many other diets, the Paleo diet is renowned for the fact that it not only encourages weight loss but it can also help with a number of illnesses. One of such illnesses is arthritis which is caused by the inflammation of joints and is particularly common in females. Arthritis can occur in any part of the body and contrary to popular belief; it is not just a health problem which affects old people. Arthritis can occur at any time and any age and it can have a huge effect on a person’s standard of life. The illness causes a lot of swelling and pain throughout the body which can make everyday tasks a huge upheaval.

It is thought that a person’s diet can influence their likelihood of developing arthritis at any stage of their life and there are specific food groups which can actually encourage inflammation of the joints, leading to arthritis over time. The most common foods which are said to enhance the likelihood of arthritis are wheat and grains as they contain a protein called lectin, which is not easy to digest and thus can encourage inflammation.

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As the Paleo diet completely discourages the consumption of wheat and grains it is thought that it can be hugely important in preventing arthritis and reducing the effects for those who already have the condition. The foods which we know are popular as part of the Paleo diet, including fresh fish and vegetables are anti-inflammatory which means they can reduce the risk of suffering from arthritis. A high intake of Omega-3 in the diet is the perfect way to maintain a good standard of health and this is the reason it is so widely encouraged with the Paleo diet. These food groups are easier to digest which makes them a much healthier option when it comes to taking care of our bodies.

There are many people who will turn to anti-inflammatory tablets as a means of combating the symptoms of arthritis, rather than looking more closely at diet and how this can have an effect on the condition. There is a common misconception that grains are important as a means of increasing fibre intake, but in fact this isn’t really the case. Vegetables which are non-starchy and fresh fruit actually contain much more fibre than what you would find in grains, so skipping these from your diet will not have any adverse effects on the body and overall health.

Grains also have a lack of essential vitamins, including A, C and B12, so there is no reason why they have to be part of any healthy diet. The key foods on the Paleo diet such as vegetables, meat and fruit have these in abundance so are a much healthier choice when it comes to looking after your diet.

In order to take good care of the body from the inside to the outside and setting it up for a long and healthy life, the diet we choose to follow is vitally important. As we all know, there are lots of diets which are constantly introduced but many of these focus entirely on lowering weight as opposed to keeping us healthy. There are many diets which will help us lose weight very quickly but these can actually be very detrimental to health. The Paleo diet on the other hand can offer a way to enhance our quality of life which is what makes it so popular and the reason why the popularity continues to grow.

Arthritis can be hugely dilapidating and can even be so severe that it can prevent people from carrying out normal day to day tasks and being able to work. The Paleo diet is the ideal way to introduce the right food groups in order to help prevent this illness or significantly reduce the effects of it. It is not a quick fix though, it takes a lot of dedication and following it to the letter – and the longer this is done, the easier it becomes. The incorporation of exercise together with the Paleo diet can provide a quicker way of combating arthritis and preventing the stiffness of the disease which can cause major health issues.

If you suffer from arthritis  I’d love to hear how Paleo has helped and how much difference it has made. Surely following a real food, Paleo diet is a much safer health option than consuming tablets, which are only really a temporary resolution.

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