Cutting Back on Fruit

by Suz on November 7, 2011 · 9 comments

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I’ve definitely started to notice there are a lot more Paleo friendly stories in the media recently.  Perhaps the tide is finally turning?

I used to eat a lot of fruit and was always under the impression that you could never have too much.  It’s good for you, right?  Since I’ve got more and more into Paleo I’ve drastically cut back my fruit consumption from several pieces a day – down to maybe one or two pieces a week.  Fruit contains a lot of fructose, which means it elevates blood sugar.  I limit my carbohydrate intake in my Paleo diet, so fruit doesn’t feature very often.  I’ve been feeling great since I’ve been limiting carbohydrates, so I’m definitely on the right track.

When I do have fruit, I make sure I go for something in season.  I also choose a fruit with a good nutritional profile, and a lower fructose content.  Berries are a really good choice as they contain antioxidants and relatively lower sugar than many other fruits.  Now we’re almost coming into summer fresh berries are becoming more and more abundant, so it’s definitely time to enjoy them.  I eat a wide variety of good quality grass-fed organic meat and vegetables, so I am certain I am not missing out any nutrients by omitting regular fruit from my diet.

First Cherries of the Season

The Sydney Morning Herald posted an article this weekend on the role of sugar in obesity, in which Dr Taylor talks about how he believes sugar, not fat is behind the rise in obesity.  Dr Taylor is running the Epworth Sweet Study in Melbourne where 100 participants are restricting carbohydrate (and fruit) intake, with positive results.

Hopefully articles like this will become more and more common place.

Have you limited your fruit intake?  Which types of fruit do you value the most?

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